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PD 2aAs a state university-public service agency (PTN-BLU), it is possible for Brawijaya University (UB) to do remuneration as the important mandate in financial autonomy. If it is seen from its complexities, UB is predicted can do remuneration on January 2016. Although a discourse about this remuneration is welcomed enthusiastically by people in UB because it is related to the increase of welfare, but until now the remuneration has not been done because its problems are complexes. At least there are two big things that must be done by UB in order to be able to make the concept of its remuneration, i.e., (1) Sustainable and consistent in the rules of earnings especially the source of funds from non-tax state income (PNBP), and (2) A rational corporate grade for employees which is based on the need of the institution. (Read More..)

Posted in 08 May 2015

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miiie_1Macau International Innovation and Invention Expo (MIIIE) 2015 is an annual event organized by the Macau Innovation and Invention Association (MIIA). This year the event is held in Hall E of The Venetian Convention and Exhibition Centre Macau, with participants reached 150 delegates from various countries. MIIE is an annual expo about product innovation research results have been applied in real products for the benefit of the general public.

This year UB sent a team represented by Fandy Achmad Kurniawan (Science-Statistics 2012) and two students from FTP Annisa Ulfah Pristya (THP 2012) and Fudhita Floridha (TIP 2013), Indonesia sent three teams to this event. (Read More..)

Posted in 21 Sep 2015

koreaOne more achievement international level successfully carved out by the students of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya in the event the Korea Creative Invention Contest, CIC 2015 which was held on August 11, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

One gold medal and one special award was won by a group of five people in the name of Novaria Stilfira Faradise, Putri Nur Arrufitasari, Novarisa Shefira Hidayati, Noviana Dwi sustainable, and Oktavian Zulfiky. The medals they earned over the presentation and the creativity which they titled “When Dendrocin Meet Bacteria – Dendrocin as the Best Biopreservative Solutions for Poultry”. (Read More..)

Posted in 24 Aug 2015


Association For Improved Small Business offers scholarships to students who are conducting the final project with several conditions as follows :

  1. Mimimum IPK 2.75
  2. A maximum of 8 semesters
  3. Active in the Student Organization
  4. Maximum 25 years old
  5. etc.




Posted in 15 Sep 2015

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