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Today, in mid October, many lecturers of Brawijaya University going to fill “The load performance lecturer (BKD)” through SIADO-UB. Altough this activity is has been routinely carried out every year, but something has different in the implementation for this year, rubric of Brawijaya University  will be adapted with national rubric and then spirit to integrate SIADO-UB with SIPKD-Dikti. (Read More..)

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web1Saturday, Februari 28, 2015, MTQ selection faculty level, housed in MP1.2 opened.  Just like the previous year MTQ selection is always held in preparation for the  MTQ competition at the University.

Faculty level selection has several purposes, placing the participants in accordance with the talents and to reduce the number of participants themselves, because so many students who have the ability in the field of MTQ. (Read More..)

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skp1Locate at FMIPA meeting room, Tuesday February 10, 2015 at 8 PM, has been a meeting among staff, Head of Administration, head of sub-section on Dekanat MIPA and head of sub-section from all MIPA department and faculty leaders. Moh. Farid Rahman, S.Si., M.Si.represent leaders Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

skp2Faculty of Mathematics employee adherence to the rules of working hours, because the meeting was attended by a lot of people could suddenly, reaching 95%.

Vice Dean II hope that employees can adapt to changes in leadership and rules, because the goal is to become better.

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