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PD 2aAs a state university-public service agency (PTN-BLU), it is possible for Brawijaya University (UB) to do remuneration as the important mandate in financial autonomy. If it is seen from its complexities, UB is predicted can do remuneration on January 2016. Although a discourse about this remuneration is welcomed enthusiastically by people in UB because it is related to the increase of welfare, but until now the remuneration has not been done because its problems are complexes. At least there are two big things that must be done by UB in order to be able to make the concept of its remuneration, i.e., (1) Sustainable and consistent in the rules of earnings especially the source of funds from non-tax state income (PNBP), and (2) A rational corporate grade for employees which is based on the need of the institution. (Read More..)

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mp13FMIPA success won four medals at the 2014 PIMNAS not be separated from the “intervention” of the faculty regularly and continuously to provide guidance for PKM groups, there are about 15% were eventually successful. In terms of percentage may be very small, but is a contributor medals for UB. For this year there are 43 successful proposals funded, there was an increase of 60% from last year.

The more the funded proposal makes greater the responsibilities of the FMIPA. The extent to which lecturers and students as the main actors to take part in a variety of  scheme PKM needs to be known by the Faculty. Monitoring and Evaluation is held as a measure to know about it.

pertemuan Saturday, April 25th, 2015 FMIPA conduct internal monitoring and evaluation, the results of the internal monitoring and evaluation will be used as a data or preparation for subsequent monitoring and evaluation to be conducted by the University, if according to the plan will be implemented beginning in May. (Read More..)

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mawapresIn  Dean room, Thursday, April 23, 2014 Mr. Marjono as Dean and Darjito as Vice Dean 3 accepted the best students of the Faculty.

Rank 1 Mawapres Faculty represented by Hadiatullah from Department of Biology. Many achievements and positions in the organization achieved that drove him to be the best this year, in addition to the ability to speak English and Arabic, create more value for the jury.

In his speech Mr. Marjono advised to always fight and adapt in order to know something better, for example if it will pass the selection at the level of the university, and the university jury from the Faculty of Fisheries, the research theme should “fish smell” or otherwise it should be able to connect the field kemipaan with fisheries, so that could be a “consideration” for the jury. (Read More..)

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UB  has done Monev  Internal PKM on May 9, 2015. Forty-three groups from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences have a place in the Faculty of Agriculture. Some notes are added for improvement, in order to welcome the monitoring and evaluation by DIKTI.

Data monitoring and evaluation report by the reviewer pkm

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