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PD 2aCivil servants Re-entry data (PUPNS) has been long time become talk topic on a national scale. Escalation growing increasingly serious discourse, when there are sanctions that must be recieved by sivil servants that is not filled out the e-PUPNS until the end of December 2015, namely “waiver bureaucracy” for the service personnel or civil servants can even be earlier retired. (Read More..)

Posted in 01 Nov 2015

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gb1Recently Korea  Invention News (Kinews) as the hosting organization Korea Inventor Award Festival in Seoul, South Korea, reward creative inventors to Hadiatullah students of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UB, upon discovery that he created (with the team) were able to make algae extract as the main ingredient in the manufacture of various types of paper.

Event held at the Grand Ballroom, Best Western Premier Seoul Garden Hotel (December 13, 2015) with participants by various countries in Asia, and he is the only representative of Indonesia and managed to get the award for creative inventors and awards orders of merit Environmental Science on the discovery that he gave the name “Super Paper”. (Read More..)

Posted in 19 Jan 2016

dekaniGEM (International Genetically Engineering Machine) is an annual event organized by IGEM foundation. This activity is a competition, responsibility, and sharing related to the field of Synthetic Biology, with all kinds of techniques that support it. In 2015, IGEM activities Giant Jamboree held at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA on September 24-28, 2015 and followed by 259 multidisciplinary teams from various countries in the world as well as more than 2700 people. The many of participants was simply fantastic this creates a new family, relations academics, and share with one another.

This competition confers gold medals to 115 teams, including a team of UB (Universitas Brawijaya Indonesia), silver medal to the 57 teams, and 56 bronze medals to the team as well as the Best Award in each theme. (Read More..)

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To all students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

  1. Online study plans (KRS) held on January 27 until  February 5, 2016
  2. KRS validation performed by lecturers Academic Advisors through SIADO (deadline for validation Date February 8, 2016
  3. KRS change, held in the first week (15th s / d February 19, 2016) with the approval of lecturers Academic Advisors and Head of Department
  4. KRS signing by lecturers Academic Advisors can be done after the registration period (first week of lectures), intensive communication between lecturers and students use the Academic Advisors  Control Card at – least 4 (four) times in one semester.
  5. Students are required to fill in the “Questionnaire PBM Online” before access Menu Registration
  6. Card Study Result (which has been signed Vice Dean I) was taken at the Academic Department, by bringing KRS which has been signed lecturer Academic Advisors (2 pieces, 1 sheet for the department, 1 sheet for faculty)
Posted in 25 Jan 2016

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