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PD 2aCivil servants Re-entry data (PUPNS) has been long time become talk topic on a national scale. Escalation growing increasingly serious discourse, when there are sanctions that must be recieved by sivil servants that is not filled out the e-PUPNS until the end of December 2015, namely “waiver bureaucracy” for the service personnel or civil servants can even be earlier retired. (Read More..)

Posted in 01 Nov 2015

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The following e-PUPNS Implementation Guidelines 2015, can be downloaded from each guidelines.

  1. The legal basis for the implementation of e PUPNS
  2. User Guidelines
  3. Completeness
  4. List of Document that must be attached if any change
  5. Video Tutorial


Posted in 30 Oct 2015

miiie_1Macau International Innovation and Invention Expo (MIIIE) 2015 is an annual event organized by the Macau Innovation and Invention Association (MIIA). This year the event is held in Hall E of The Venetian Convention and Exhibition Centre Macau, with participants reached 150 delegates from various countries. MIIE is an annual expo about product innovation research results have been applied in real products for the benefit of the general public.

This year UB sent a team represented by Fandy Achmad Kurniawan (Science-Statistics 2012) and two students from FTP Annisa Ulfah Pristya (THP 2012) and Fudhita Floridha (TIP 2013), Indonesia sent three teams to this event. (Read More..)

Posted in 21 Sep 2015


In connection with the visit of a delegation from the National Central University (NCU) of Taiwan, where the agenda of the delegation’s visit in UB is to give guest lectures and interviews students to obtain Master and PhD scholarship program in NCU, then we hereby invite students S1 and S2 on: Monday, November 30, 2015

Time :

  • 10.30 – 12.00 WIB (guest lecture for students of S1, S2)  S1 student in question are students who have graduated and who have not currently completing graduate thesis.
  • 12.30 – 14.30 (Interview with Scholarship Applicants student S2 and S3 on the NCU)

Place :

  • Mathematics and Science Center (Room MC 1.2)
Posted in 26 Nov 2015

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