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PD 2aRegulations on performance appraisal for civil servants, regulated by the government through government regulation no  46 at year 2011. This regulation has two coverage of the planning and evaluation, which was not easy implementation at a technical level. At least for lecturers,  although its excell borang seem simple, but its contents were associated with other regulations, such as regulations on the assessment of credit points lecturer, regulations on the National Standards for Higher Education, etc. A lecturers must be aware of the current position to plan a career academic positions within at least 4 years. Lecturers who have positions Additional tasks such as Rector, Dean, Vice Dean, and others, are very different filling  his job table because it is associated with a target structural work each position. Another problem arises when the immediate supervisor must assess the valid on elements of work behavior is very sensitive and could lead to “like and dislike”. Required performance assessment objective, measurable and acceptable result, also must be able to function as a “warning even punishment” for low-performing employees.  This is important because the results of the assessment will be based ranking of employee remuneration. With good results, the fulfillment of the rights of employees can be held to justice. Hopefully we can carry it out according expected goals of the Government Regulation

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mawapresIn  Dean room, Thursday, April 23, 2014 Mr. Marjono as Dean and Darjito as Vice Dean 3 accepted the best students of the Faculty.

Rank 1 Mawapres Faculty represented by Hadiatullah from Department of Biology. Many achievements and positions in the organization achieved that drove him to be the best this year, in addition to the ability to speak English and Arabic, create more value for the jury.

In his speech Mr. Marjono advised to always fight and adapt in order to know something better, for example if it will pass the selection at the level of the university, and the university jury from the Faculty of Fisheries, the research theme should “fish smell” or otherwise it should be able to connect the field kemipaan with fisheries, so that could be a “consideration” for the jury. (Read More..)

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fendaRegional Level Selection ON Mathematics Higher Education has been held on 8 and 9 April 2015 at ITN Malang. Each college or University has the right to send seven representatives in every field of competition, namely Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

The last few years the field of Physics and Chemistry still the mainstay of FMIPA UB  gain medals, and for this year the trend remains unchanged. In 2014 ONMIPA UB managed to send five representatives who had won three medals and one Honorable mantion. This year ‘only’ managed to send three representatives, namely Physics represented by Fenda Rizky Pratama  and Chemistry represented Aulia Ayuning Tyas and Mokhamat Ariefin, three is a force of 2012.

National level selection will be carried out 24 till May 28, 2015, a rather long time can be a weapon for Students FMIPA UB  to prepare as best as possible, who knows though only represented 3 people but all managed to get a medal.

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Internal Monitoring and Evaluation for 2014 PKM group funded in 2015, will be held on :

  • Day  : Saturday
  • Date: 25 April 2015
  • Time : 07.00 AM – 12.00 AM
  • Location : MP1.2, MP1.3,  MP1.5,  MP1.6,  MP1.7 and MIPA Meeting Room


  1. Present timely
  2. Bring a laptop
  3. All members must be present
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