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BKD and Performance Contract of the University, which was handed down to the Faculty, further downgraded to the Department and the lecturers is a necessity. In carrying out a mandate and responsibility, a target and planning must always be considered. No exception to the Faculty of Mipa and its derivatives, namely Dean, Department and as the perpetrator as well as the provider of the results is a lecturer assisted by educational personnel.

Faculty of Mipa awarded a performance contract from the University. The most frequently highlighted is the publication, as it is also the program and flagship of Kemenristekdikti. Indonesia is currently number 3 for the Asean level. The previous year was always at level 4 or below. Currently it can surpass Thailand in terms of number of publications.

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Posted in 14 Nov 2017

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On April 09, 2017, Assessor of BAN PT (National Accreditation Board of Higher Education) will conduct a visitation in Chemistry S3 Program of Chemistry Department of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Brawijaya.

Assessor Team of PT BAN which represented by Mr. Prof. Dr. Bambang Rusdiarso DEA (UGM) and Prof. Dr. Drs. Sumi Hudiyono PWS (UI), accepted by the leaders of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science in the meeting room. The Dean of FMIPA was accompanied by the Vice Dean I, Vice Deka II, Vice Dean III, KTU and Kasubbag presented Borang 3b and question and answer session, for approximately 60 minutes.

The next event is visitation to Chemical Chemistry Prodi S3 to meet with lecturer, task force, students and alumni. It is not known how long the assessor team needs, because it depends on the real conditions in the field. Hopefully the visitation is done in accordance with the expectations of all parties, both Ban-PT, Faculty and majors and Prodi so that it can bridge all the interests that exist.

Posted in 09 Apr 2018

Chemistry Doctoral Program (S3) prepares for visitation from BAN PT. Scheduled Visitation took place on 09 April 2018 Monday. Various Things have been prepared both in written reports, preparing supporting files, laboratory preparations and so forth that are required in the visitation.

The last evaluation has been done 3 days before the visitation. Headed by the chairman of Mr. Akhmad Sabarudin, S.Si., M.Sc., Dr.Sc explains what has been and should be prepared in the implementation of the visitation. All the committees are gathered to check the readiness of the segment.

From the results of the evaluation and the last coordination is expected to support data can be complete in accordance with the needs and later on the day of the implementation of the Visitation can be smooth and successful. The most important thing is this visitation can get the perfect value that is niali A.

Posted in 05 Apr 2018


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Buku Panduan Penelitian BOPTN FMIPA UB 2017 dapat di unduh di sini

Posted in 10 Aug 2017

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