Regarding Online Academic Registration for FMIPA Students for Odd Semester of Academic Year 2018/2019 on July 30, 2018 – August 10th 2018, together with our kindly conveyed several things:


  1. Lecturers open SIADO to Lecture Menu – Student Guard – click Student Name (KRS).
  2. Validation must be done by the lecturer after communicating with students through SIADO or through other media such as email, SMS, WA etc to the end of KRS Online.
  3. Validation is done by checking approved courses. Subjects that are not approved by the lecturer will result in the name of the student not being enrolled in the lecture presences (therefore the lecturer is obliged to provide time for direct consultation during the registration to replace the unauthorized Courses).
  4. The signing of KRS (which has been printed) by the Academic Guidance Lecturer (PA Lecturer) in the first week of the lecture.


  1. Students conduct KRS Online through SIAM.
  2. Students must communicate with lecturers to get approval and validation of KRS Online.
  3. If the KRShas not been validated by the lecturer, the student name is not registered at the lecture preselection and is considered not to take the course, the student must come to consult the lecturer to the end of KRS Online.
  4. The signing of KRS (which has been printed) by the PA lecturer in the first week of the lecture.
    Academic supervision control books can be downloaded by students at

Kindly cooperate from Head of Department and Head of Department to control all lecturers in their respective majors during Online registration process.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

On behalf of the Dean
Vice Dean I,


Dr. Serafinah Indriyani, M.Si
NIP. 19630909 198802 2 001

Odd Semester Re-registration Procedure 2018/2019
Download PP no. 2109 on Online Registration
Download Academic Achievement Checkbook / Report