1. Online KRS held on 30 July 2018 s / d 10 August 2018.
  2. Validation of KRS is done by PA lecturer through SIADO.
  3. The signing of KRS by Academics Guidance Lecturer (PA Lecturer) can be done after Registration (first week of lecture), Intensive Communication between PA Lecturer and Student at least 4 (four) times in one semester.
  4. Students are required to complete the PBM Questionnaire Online before accessing the Registration Menu.
  5. Taking KHS (which has been signed Vice Dean I) in the Academic Department of each department by bringing KRS which has been signed 2 lecturers of PA (1 liter for the Department of 1 liter for Faculty).
  6. KPRS can be done starting on 20 -31 August 2018 with the approval of PA Lecturer and with approved by Departement Chairman /Study Program Chairman.
    Academic Achievement Control Book / Report guidance for mentors can be downloaded by students at

Head of Academic Subdivision

Download PP no. 2154 on Online Registration
Download Academic Achievement Checkbook / Report