PKKMABA Postgraduated Program 2018 Schedule

In connection with the activities of Education and Student Orientation (ORDIK) Students of the Postgraduate program in the Universitas Brawijaya Academic Year 2018/2019, were announced at:

  1. New students who have been declared accepted and get NIMs on odd semester 2018-1919.
  2. Even semester 2017/2018 students who have not attended the new student Study Orientation. Required to participate in these activities with the following schedule:
  3. ORDIK Postgraduate students at UB level (Saturday, 08/18/2018) 06.00 to 16.00 WIB in Samantha Krida Building UB.
  4. ORDIK Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Students (Sunday, 9/19/2018) At 7:00 a.m. until finished at the 3rd floor Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Building E.
  5. ORDIK Faculty level Postgraduate students (according to their respective schedules) in each Faculty Building) Lecture odd semester 2018/2019 (according to the schedule of each Faculty).

* Note Long-sleeved white top, black subordinate, black tie and black shoes. Headscarves use white headscarves.


Academic Section of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Download here :

Jadwal PKK MABA Pascasarjana 2018