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BKD and Performance Contract of the University, which was handed down to the Faculty, further downgraded to the Department and the lecturers is a necessity. In carrying out a mandate and responsibility, a target and planning must always be considered. No exception to the Faculty of Mipa and its derivatives, namely Dean, Department and as the perpetrator as well as the provider of the results is a lecturer assisted by educational personnel.

Faculty of Mipa awarded a performance contract from the University. The most frequently highlighted is the publication, as it is also the program and flagship of Kemenristekdikti. Indonesia is currently number 3 for the Asean level. The previous year was always at level 4 or below. Currently it can surpass Thailand in terms of number of publications.


Posted in 14.11.2017

PD 2aIn 2016 Universitas Brawijaya got a special gift to the issuance Permenristekdikti No.  4 at year 2016 about Organization and Work Procedure (OTK) UB.  After waiting 21 years (since 1995), UB finally get a new OTK that more representative as a large educational organizations nationwide. (more…)

Posted in 26.04.2016

PD 2aCivil servants Re-entry data (PUPNS) has been long time become talk topic on a national scale. Escalation growing increasingly serious discourse, when there are sanctions that must be recieved by sivil servants that is not filled out the e-PUPNS until the end of December 2015, namely “waiver bureaucracy” for the service personnel or civil servants can even be earlier retired. (more…)

Posted in 01.11.2015

PD 2aAs a state university-public service agency (PTN-BLU), it is possible for Brawijaya University (UB) to do remuneration as the important mandate in financial autonomy. If it is seen from its complexities, UB is predicted can do remuneration on January 2016. Although a discourse about this remuneration is welcomed enthusiastically by people in UB because it is related to the increase of welfare, but until now the remuneration has not been done because its problems are complexes. At least there are two big things that must be done by UB in order to be able to make the concept of its remuneration, i.e., (1) Sustainable and consistent in the rules of earnings especially the source of funds from non-tax state income (PNBP), and (2) A rational corporate grade for employees which is based on the need of the institution. (more…)

Posted in 08.05.2015

PD 2aRegulations on performance appraisal for civil servants, regulated by the government through government regulation no  46 at year 2011. This regulation has two coverage of the planning and evaluation, which was not easy implementation at a technical level. At least for lecturers,  although its excell borang seem simple, but its contents were associated with other regulations, such as regulations on the assessment of credit points lecturer, regulations on the National Standards for Higher Education, etc. (more…)

Posted in 29.03.2015

PD 2a

Today, in mid October, many lecturers of Brawijaya University going to fill “The load performance lecturer (BKD)” through SIADO-UB. Altough this activity is has been routinely carried out every year, but something has different in the implementation for this year, rubric of Brawijaya University  will be adapted with national rubric and then spirit to integrate SIADO-UB with SIPKD-Dikti. (more…)

Posted in 08.10.2014

PD 2a

Congratulation to MTQ team of FMIPA that has won a brilliant achievements as MTQ UB Champion for the four times continuously. It’s no exaggeration that currently FMIPA is called as A Real Champion of MTQ because of its performance which is difficult to achieve by other faculties in UB. Certainly there is no instant thing, to achieve such outstanding results FMIPA as an institution has worked hard to achieve the best results. (more…)

Posted in 14.05.2014

PD-1editSeluruh jajaran pimpinan Fakultas MIPA mengucapkan selamat atas suksesnya penyelenggaraan The 4th Annual Basic Science International Conference (Basic) 2014 in conjuction with The 5th International Conference on Global Resource Conservation (ICGRC) 2014 yang telah dilaksanakan pada tanggal 12-13 Februari 2014 lalu. Kesuksesan ini tak lepas dari kerja keras Panitia Seminar untuk benar-benar meng-internasionalkan seminar yang dilaksanakan di dalam negeri. Dengan kegiatan tersebut diharapkan dapat meningkatkan kapasitas internal Fakultas MIPA dan mengakselerasikan fakultas kita dengan perguruan tinggi di luar negeri. Sekali lagi selamat untuk semuanya dan terima kasih [PD-I FMIPA UB].

Posted in 17.02.2014

PD 2a

Isu hangat yang berkembang saat ini adalah remunerasi PNS di lingkungan Kemendikbud. Remunerasi ini secara yuridis telah dituangkan dengan Perpres Nomor 88 Tahun 2013 dan Permendikbud Nomor 107 Tahun 2013 dalam bentuk pemberian tunjangan kinerja bagi PNS. Namun jauh sebelumnya yaitu pada tahun 2011, pemerintah telah menerbitkan PP Nomor 46 Tahun 2011 tentang Penilaian Prestasi Kerja PNS yang disingkat P2KP (more…)

Posted in 29.01.2014

PD 2a

Minggu ini terjadi kehebohan nasional terkait dengan kesibukan dosen mengisi Sistem Informasi Pengembangan Karier Dosen atau disingkat dengan SIPKD. Menurut Dikti, sistem baru ini merupakan pengganti sistem Evaluasi Kinerja Dosen yang sebelumnya digunakan untuk melakukan monitoring dan evaluasi terhadap kinerja dosen bersertifikat dan telah mengenyam tunjangan profesi. (more…)

Posted in 13.12.2013
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