Akses Komputer

The use of IT facilities for information dissemination has been promoted well. Page of the website used for the dissemination of information and to provide for the needs of data that can be accessed by academicians and functioned as a portal of information. From the pages of this website links to access other information provided. On the faculty website also provided a temporary data storage that can be used by staff to perform the data exchange process (ftp server). A variety of information related to the policies set forth in pages

However, communication and dissemination of information and not just done through the website, but it is done in a multi-media through websites, email, mail or short message electronic whichever is more effective and which meets the aspects of legality. Means facsimiles are available at faculty and department. In some faculties breezeway provided information in the form of running text (LED boards). Media announcements by utilizing classic bulletin boards (sticker paper) is provided in the Faculty and Departments in places easily accessible to students and faculty.

The information in the form of an announcement distributed physical activity (document copying paper) and electronically. In addition, in some cases also conducted a meeting mechanism for conveying information in the form of a meeting and the closed meeting between the faculty dean and department leaders to then be made ​​at the majors.