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unsoedFaculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, received a special visit from the Faculty of Biology UnSoed on Thursday, November 3, 2016.

All Chairman (Dean, Vice Dean I, Vice Dean II and Vice and head of the quality assurance) is pleased 18 guests, led by Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Hendro Pramono, M.S in MIPA Center Building Room.

Ceremonial event in the form of exchange of souvenirs, followed by a general discussion about OTK, honorarium, laboratories and and how to manage their finances properly.

The problems facing the same, the attitude of the person who assumed if goods/fund is “hers”, so that resource sharing is often deadlocked.

Management governance, both the laboratory and the department is still far from perfect so that from this visit is expected no new solutions are generated.

After the general meeting, followed by technical meetings between the team / person directly involved with activities / jobs.