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gb1Recently Korea  Invention News (Kinews) as the hosting organization Korea Inventor Award Festival in Seoul, South Korea, reward creative inventors to Hadiatullah students of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UB, upon discovery that he created (with the team) were able to make algae extract as the main ingredient in the manufacture of various types of paper.

Event held at the Grand Ballroom, Best Western Premier Seoul Garden Hotel (December 13, 2015) with participants by various countries in Asia, and he is the only representative of Indonesia and managed to get the award for creative inventors and awards orders of merit Environmental Science on the discovery that he gave the name “Super Paper”. Inventions created with the team because he saw the rampant deforestation in Indonesia, due to the increasing of logging as paper-making materials, this condition will certainly have an impact on the destruction of forest ecosystems and can exacerbate the global warming. This reality make he initiated to look for  alternative materials for paper that has a super quality and can be used lokal  communities.  And finally he makes extracts of algae as the raw material of paper making that fermented with bacteria. To produce multiple variations of the paper, added the pulp of banana waste with some concentration.

gb2Hadiatullah hope the discovery that he had found his team can benefit and contribute to Indonesia in the forest preserve, and maintain Indonesia icon as a country megabiodiversitas.