Ditulis pada tanggal 26 April 2016, oleh Adm, pada kategori Dekanat Note

PD 2aIn 2016 Universitas Brawijaya got a special gift to the issuance Permenristekdikti No.  4 at year 2016 about Organization and Work Procedure (OTK) UB.  After waiting 21 years (since 1995), UB finally get a new OTK that more representative as a large educational organizations nationwide. Although there are obstacles in the implementation of the new OTK, for example the most sensitive is the reduction of structural position echelon II and III, however Universitas Brawijaya managed through a process of rearrangement that is proportional and minimize the risks that are marked with the official inauguration of new structural Monday April 25, 2016. This moment is very important for UB Leaders at the University and Faculty to streamline the organization and streamline human resources in a new organization container.

There are at least two important meaning that we can perceive in terms of the publication of the new OTK: firstly, clarity of structure and personnel fill, automatically will clarify the volume of human resources will receive remuneration in UB along with the class position and the value of his, second, the new method could further reinforce the presence of organs UB existing institutions so like it or not to do a thorough standardization of the organs. If the publication of this OTK gave birth to a new harmony, then the control of the state transitions that appear to be done to minimize unexpected excess. It can be anticipated with as quickly as possible create derivative sufficient legal basis for the implementation of organizational life in the right direction in the context of the new OTK.  Hopefully Universitas Brawijaya could have advanced and become a reputable state universities as world-class vision. [FMIPA Vice Dean II]