The vision of Universitas Brawijaya to become a superior university, international standard, and able to play an active role in developing the nation through the process of education, research and dedication to society can be realized in the implementation of Research University.

The growth of student creativity is marked by the release of Universitas Brawijaya as the last winner of PIMNAS (3 times) in 2012 at UMY, proving that Universitas Brawijaya has become an Institution that should be taken into account in Research activities.

Indeed, in PIMNAS Universitas Brawijaya can be said to be the winner for all categories contested, but the contribution of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in PIMNAS activity is almost said not existed because for 2 consecutive years the representatives of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences can only reach the Funded Research Level, but did not pass the selection PIMNAS. This is the background of the Research and Scientific Institute BEM to hold Scientific Writing competitions and PKM with the theme “Spirit of Research 2013”

The purpose is

  1. Encourage Students to develop ideas
  2. Providing Motivation for Students to Generate Research Development and Scientific that are useful as universities and communities
  3. Providing Training and encouraging students to do scientific writing
  4. Preparation for Students to write Scientific articles or journals (already a prerequisite for graduation).

This activity is planned to be held on April 17 – May 3 (publication of the contest), 3 – 7 May (judging) and announcement of champion Saturday, May 11, 2013.

Hopefully with this activity, FMIPA Students can make a real contribution for Universitas Brawijaya by participating as a gold donation of PIMNAS this year and can be a leader for other sciences in Universitas Brawijaya. [Adm]