Health team always responsive to support PKKMABA FMIPA 2018

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(Graha Sainta) A number of health teams consisting of students, FMIPA staff, UB KSR members (UB Voluntary Corps) and LAKESMA (Public Health Institutions) which are FKUB semi-autonomous institutions by prioritizing soft-hard skills in their fields, helping PKKMABA FMIPA committee in serving unhealthy participants since the first day of opening at Graha Sainta Building (08/16/2018).

With swiftness they helped the less healthy participants into the room provided by the committee beside the meeting hall. According to Zaki Yamin, one of the medical officers from the KSR who was on duty at the place, the cause of the students who fainted are not having breakfast yet.

“On average they haven’t had breakfast yet. The participants were afraid to miss participating in the 2018 PKKMABA Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences “, he said.

“It’s better before gymnastics this morning, consumption is distributed first, then 10-15 minutes later activities”, said Cristin Ayu (LAKESMA UB).

PKKMABA FMIPA health team continues to monitor whether there are participants who look weak. If they see one of the participants looks weak and guided by his colleague behind, then the health team is immediately approached to take the health room [Yogie]