Deputy Dean III for student affairs Darjito, S.Si., M.Si said ” if you get a gold medal, you can pass the thesis”

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Graha Sainta UB – Deputy Dean III for student affairs Darjito, S.Si., M.Si was present and gave a welcoming presentation for new students in the PKKMABA Faculty, Thursday (8/16). Darjito said that from year to year, the achievements of the MIPA Faculty students had increased. The number of students with outstanding reasoning in 2015 was 59 people, in 2016 there were 63 people, and in 2017 there were 103 people. While the field of Interest and Talent also increased sharply, from 3 people to 41 people in 2017.

He explained there are 6 directions for developing student activities, (1) the fields of reasoning and creativity, (2) welfare and entrepreneurship, (3) interests, talents / hobbies and ormawa, (4) alignment and career development, (5) mental spiritual development / religious, defense, nationality, anti-drugs, anti-radicalism, (6) internationalization (AIMS, AUG, Universiade, sukmalindo, invention etc.).

Meanwhile, reasoning and creativity development are divided into National Mathematics and Natural Sciences Olympiad (ONMIPA), National University Debate Championship (NUDC), PKM and National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS), MAWAPRES (Student Selection Achievements), CONTEST WEIGHT. Welfare and entrepreneurship consists of Scholarships (BPP, Bidikmisi, Adik, OSI, PPA etc.), Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship Expo (KMI), PMW (Entrepreneurial Student Program), Cooperative Academic Education Program (Co-op) and Support Program (TOT for lecturers and entrepreneurship etc.).

Talent and ORMAWA include Nationality / mental revolution, National Student Exchange Program (PERMATA), State Defense / Scouting Training, Scouting, Village Development Grant Program (PHBD), collaboration program with BNN, BNPT etc. Internationalization Program consists of World University Debating Championship, (WUDC), UNIVERSIADE & SUKMALINDO (International Sports Championship), Education and Student Service (AUG), Student Exchange / Credit Transfers (AIMS, ASEM etc.), Leadership (One Young World (OYW), Pilot MTQ (International Arts Award), and Join Program invention / International Scientific Championship. “This year we won 7 gold medals from competitions,” he said.

Deputy Dean of Student Affairs gives motivation to having many achievements. “possibility of students who won a gold medal at PIMNAS, can be released from the thesis and get an A “, said Him.  Last years ago, there were 3 student got it.

Make as many achievements as possible, inshaAllah others follow” Said Deputy Dean of student affairs. “2 years ago, FMIPA students won in the field of research and became world champions, if they have achieved achievements, don’t forget to contribute to invite their younger siblings to do well”.  He said. [yogie]