FMIPA team won a lot of medals at PIMNAS

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Contingent of the MIPA Faculty National Student Science Week (Pimnas) Received Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at Pimnas XXXI in 2018 held at Yogyakarta State University.

Activities held in Yogyakarta from 28 August 2018 to 2 September 2018 brought FMIPA to win poster exhibitions and presentations. The victory was the result of the hard work of students, they finally won a medal.

“The number of medals collected by FMIPA UB students is 7 medals, consisting of 1 Gold medal in the Poster category, 2 Silver medals in the Poster and Presentation categories and 4 bronze medals in the Presentation category, said Wilda, one of the FMIPA team participants.

Approximately 440 products participated in the exhibition this time, on Thursday (08/30/2018) afternoon around 12:30 a.m., an assessment by the judges of the exhibition of PIMNAS posters and products was held after the Opening Ceremony, a little more than last year’s PIMNAS numbered 420.

The judging runs from 12:30 until 15:00 WIB which is then opened to be exhibited to students and the general public at four in the afternoon until late on Saturday (1/9/2018).Unlike last year’s PIMNAS event, because it was held in the building, the judging of the poster and product display at PIMNAS this time was closed, only the participants were allowed to be inside the building which would be visited by a judge who went around to find information about the posters and products displayed . In the judging process each team is represented by only one participant who will present and explain the results of his work to the jury. This poster evaluation also affects the overall assessment of the competition in the determination of the General Champion of PIMNAS.

20 minutes for presentation sessions and ten minutes of question and answer sessions with judges and participants were provided. Material presentation performance, ability to answer questions from the Jury team and audience, and distribution of tasks in answering various questions.

“This is great, because PIMNAS is the most prestigious event among students, it feels proud to be able to compete with all students throughout Indonesia from Sabang – Merauke and even Papua”, said Wildatus Sa’diyah, team leader 2 of FMIPA.

Wilda also explained that a heavy rival came from the UGM Yogyakarta contingent.

“They are more consistent and not careless,” he explained.

According to the student’s guidance from Siti Mariyah Ulfa, M.Sc., Ph.D (Chemistry Department FMIPA UB) who won the gold medal with this team, the assessment of the poster category was the clarity of the content and the design that was interesting but not too complicated to understand.

The success of the MIPA Faculty team in the 2018 National Student Science Week is due to the enthusiasm and high enthusiasm of the participants and also the support from all parties ranging from the academic community, mentors, and parents.

The participants who have honored the name of this Faculty hope that the FMIPA team in the next PIMNAS event can prepare themselves better so that they are more maximal in their achievements [yogie].