Improve academic services, FMIPA holds training for SIAKAD and SIUDA operators

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The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA UB) held an Academic Information System Operator Training (SIAKAD) and Graduation Information System (SIUDA) for employees along with regular staff rotations held in the meeting room of the MIPA CENTER building, room MC.1.3, Saturday (15/9).

This activity was attended by the Head of Academic Subdivision, UB ICT Instructor and all SIAKAD operators for each Department, Faculty operator and SIUDA operator. Vice Dean I for Academic Affairs, Dr. Serafinah Indriyani, M.Si emphasizes the importance of understanding the application of SIAKAD, SIUDA and its reporting system. Besides that, she explained that this training was to refresh what was done every day to be more proficient at using the application.

The first session discusses about input data from KRS, Values, Courses and their distribution, regular study report,  short semester, Lecturers,  and break / terminal  that must be done by Department and Faculty operators starting from the beginning to the end. Besides that, it is also discuss about case studies that can cause problems due to operator negligence in entering data into the SIAKAD application.

The second session discussed about SIAKAD users. Beginning Awal Budi Nurcahyo, A.Md explained the importance of storing passwords privately and not sharing them with others and access rights to the information system. The vice dean I hoped that academic services could later increase along with the holding of regular training for operators [yogie].