Drs. Imam Nurhadi Purwanto, MT: “I am proud of Ongky being the best graduate with GPA 3.91”

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With a Grade Point Average (GPA) almost perfect, Ongky Denny Wijaya managed to become the best graduate of Universitas Brawijaya in the 2018/2019 academic year. He is a 2014 student from the Mathematics Study Program of FMIPA UB.

Ongky graduated on Saturday (6/10) at Samanta Krida Building by UB Chancellor and received cum laude predicate with a 3-year and 10-month study period. With him there are 1,116 graduates from postgraduate, undergraduate, diploma and professional programs.

Ongky is the son of Suwito Onggowijoyo and Yuliani Soetomo from Polehan Village, Malang Blimbing sub-district. Her parents are Plastic factory staff on Jl. Aris Mundandar. He graduated from the Santa Maria Catholic High School in Raya Langsep Malang.

With this 3.91 GPA, since becoming a new student he was very happy to share his knowledge with his classmates. Then he often attended various Mathematics competitions on the sidelines of his busy study. As a result,He became the winner of  ARIMA Malang Competition, the 2nd Winner of the East Java Fun Mathematic Competition. He said, by participating in various competitions, the knowledge gained during college was more mature.

“I got an IP 4 of 5 semesters, besides studying and practicing, I always sit in front of the lesson, often teaching friends, being a teaching assistant and always consulting with the supervisors every semester,” he said.

Ongky received a PPA 3 scholarship and finally took the thesis topic entitled “Location of eigenvalues ​​from the real matrix”. He said that this study was rarely in demand by other students. Ongky is interested in this topic because it doesn’t need a lot of data and just enough to use logic.

Academic Supervisor, Drs. Imam Nurhadi Purwanto, MT. said that he was proud of the achievements of his students. Imam always gives direction to always practice and sharpen the spirit of entrepreneurship. Drs. Bambang Sugandi, M.Si, as the thesis adviser also felt that Ongky’s achievements were very proud of him. Ongky was very grateful to him, because during the research period, Bambang Sugandi was very supportive of his thesis work. Bambang Sugandi always advised to study independently and continue to improve his achievements. The best graduates of FMIPA advise all students of FMIPA to be active in study activities and often consult with lecturers to get the best achievements [yogie].