The academic administrator of FMIPA attended PDPT reporting for period 2018-1

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The Academic and Cooperation Administration Bureau (BAAK) on Friday (29/3) invited the administrators of the Higher Education Data Base (PDPT) working unit of the Faculty of MIPA along with administrators of all faculties in UB in the PDPT Reporting event at Agro Kusuma Hotel, Batu City.
In this activity discussed the obstacles and solutions for reporting students who have problems with their studies. Guided by the
Academic Head of Subdivision Arnawati, SP., FMIPA administrators completed 100% PDPT reporting for 2018-1.

Head of Academic and Learning Section Drs. Agus Yuliawan Surasdijanto said that the PDPT activities would not run smoothly without cooperation from administrators in each work unit. The event ended with collecting PDPT data into the BAAK (Yogie) section.