The Deputy Dean I gave a warning to evaluate the study of 59 students threatened to drop out of college

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Thursday (28/3), at the Hall of the MIPA CENTER Building, Universitas Brawijaya, a Student Study Evaluation Mechanism Socialization was held which was attended by around 200 students of FMIPA UB and their parents / guardians. This socialization was filled by Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Serafinah Indriyani, M.Sc. She explained several points regarding the evaluation of studies, The basic rules of the study evaluation process are contained in the Brawijaya University Academic Handbook 2018, the reason for the delay in student study period is that there are prerequisite courses that do not pass, the study evaluation process is done at the end of each semester, students those affected by the study evaluation cannot make payments to re-register.

It was also explained about determining the final evaluation results of the study which included, (1) Students affected by the study evaluation were allowed to continue their studies after consideration and decision from the Deputy Dean 1; (2) Students who are declared unable to continue their studies can submit a resignation in accordance with the flow of submission of resignation at SIAM. (3) Students who are declared unable to continue their studies will be made a Chancellor’s Decree on the results of the study evaluation and their status changes to DO.

Deputy Dean I also said that the socialization of the student’s study evaluation system was very important for all students, not only S1 students but also S2 and S3 students, so that it must be truly understood in order to avoid undesirable things.
From the evaluation of students’ academic abilities, there are 150 undergraduate program students and 78 Postgraduate program students who are affected by study evaluation warnings. From the undergraduate study year there were 38 people who were first year students, followed by 26 second year students, 9 were third year students, 2 were fourth year students. Meanwhile, there were also 59 people threatened to drop out of college at the end of the study (yogie).