Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences received a surprise at the 32nd DIES NATALIS, the arrival of the first alumni to date

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Sunday (4/8/2019), located in the rear parking lot, starting at 6:00 to 11:30 Faculty of Mathematics and Science Brawijaya University received a surprise coming from the first generation of ’87 to alumni this year in celebrating the 32nd DIES. By wearing Orange and Blue T-shirts, the alumni were missing the moment while enjoying the healthy walk that was held by the Dean of FMIPA, Prof. Drs. Adi Susilo, M.Sc., Ph.D.

They invited the alumni to recall their memories in college. A memory that will not forgetable. In addition, the Dean said that there are many alumni of FMIPA UB who have become successful entrepreneurs, and become part of top management in several companies / industries. Even their presence is not only in Malang, but also in other provinces in Indonesia. This fact illustrates that FMIPA alumni have good abilities and can compete and adapt in any environment they are in.

The event which was attended by nearly 500 participants was also attended by UB’s Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani AR., MS, Deputy Chancellor and staff. The Chancellor expressed his congratulations to celebrate the 32nd Birthday of FMIPA. “The age that is in its infancy, a fairly mature age where many lecturers are increasing, hopefully they can increase UB’s rank in the International stage”, said the Rector of UB. In the entertainment session, among other things the distribution of prizes was held for the winners of competitions in FMIPA Anniversary. The competitions held include Plastic Soccer (Rank 1.Dekanat, 2.Chemistry Dept., 3. Physics Dept.), men’s volleyball (Rank 1.Dean Staff, 2. Chemistry Dept., 3.Physics Dept.), Women’s Volleyball (Rank 1.Mathatics Dept., 2.Kimia Dept., 3.Dean Staff), Badminton Double Team – Rank 1. Team D (Widodo, Agung Pramana, Darjito, Suliono, Dardiri, Wasino), 2nd Place – Team A (Ali, Adi, Agung K, Sahri, Marsudi, Hadi) , Rank 3 – Team B (Sugiono, Agus P, Harmaji, Bambang Arinto, Imam Nurhadi, Sujoto), Individual Double Badminton Rank 1 (Widodo, Hadi), 2 (Sugiono, Dardiri), Rank 3 Joint – Team A (Wijianto, Miming), Team B (Darjito, Agung K), Table Tennis (Rank 1. Chemistry Dept., 2. Dean Staff, 3. Mathematics Dept.) and cleaning competition.

Not left behind, the slogans per generation enlivened the FMIPA Anniversary party this time. In addition to these yells, there is a uniqueness at this party. Malang Old bicycle lovers community was also present to enliven the event. Around a dozen bicycles decorate the FMIPA parking lot. Old bicycle community with unique uniforms bring its own atmosphere in celebrating FMIPA party. The participants took time to take pictures with them while enjoying the songs presented by mas KRIS Cs in presenting the stage performance.

“This is a good activity in order to strengthen friendship among the FMIPA extended family, where all the academic community in FMIPA are present and invite their families,” said the Dean.He added, the activity that started with healthy walk was also enlivened by drawing lottery coupons with various prizes provided by the committee, including 1 unit of Honda Beat Motorcycle as the main prize, 4 units of mountain bikes presented by the vice dean, 2 units of LED television, 3 refrigerators , 3 washing machines, door price savings from Bank Jatim, BNI, Bank Mandiri and BRI and dozens of other attractive prizes (yogie).

The more successful, the more Independent and Happy birthday 32nd FMIPA!