Guest lecture Dr. Chandrakant Salunkhe (Krishna Mahavidyalaya University of India)

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Starting the beginning of the new semester lectures, the Biology Study Program (FMIPA UB) held a guest lecture by bringing in Dr. Chandrakant Salunkhe, a lecturer in Biodiversity conservation, Systematic Grass, Medicinal & Aromatic plants, Botanic Gardens from Krishna Mahavidyalaya University of India, Tuesday, 3/9/2019 in MC 1.1 MIPA CENTER UB. In the guest lecture which was attended by more than 15 students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the speakers shared the motivation to learn to all students present. According to the professor who came from India, there are similarities in the structure of plants like grasses in India and Indonesia. He also explained the various types of grass plants – various kinds of grasses as well as how to grow and conduct research. The event, which began at 10:00 WIB, ended with a visit to the Biology Laboratory with the participants present.