HIMABIO was visited by the management of HMPS UAD

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Malang – 3/9/2019 Special guests came from the Ahmad Dahlan University Biology Study Program Student Association (HMPS Biology UAD). The group of 31 students was warmly welcomed by the University of Brawijaya Biology Student Association (HIMABIO UB) in a routine gathering called Himabio Sambang Tonggo (HISTON).

Located in UB’s Mathematics and Natural Sciences Center Building, the activity begins with the screening of UB Biology Department (JB-UB) profile videos that introduce the academic environment, research activities, to lecture support facilities owned by JB-UB. The event was opened with a few remarks from each head of the association, representatives of UAD Biology lecturers, and the Head of UB’s Biology Department. Prof. Muhaimin Rifa ‘as the Head of the Biology Department of UB said that he was happy to see the arrival of Biology friends from UAD and his sincerity in exchanging information and materials through the HISTON event. Achmad Dadang Burhanuddin as the Chairperson of UB’s HIMABIO and Alfin Putra Pratama as the Chair of the Biology HMAD of UAD also agreed that with the existence of this comparative study activity, it was hoped that the two sets in the future would be more open and cooperate with each other.

Entering the core agenda of the HISTON event, information related to the composition of the cabinet management and work program was presented by representatives of each association. All board administrators involved pay close attention to each presentation session. Although they come with different concepts, both sets are not reluctant to be active in question and answer and to learn more for better stewardship. The organization sharing agenda that had taken place smoothly was finally closed with the delivery of mementos from both parties and a group photo. Apparently the series of events of HISTON did not arrive at the end. The organizer of HIMABIO UB still invites friends of Biology HMAD UAD to visit several laboratories in JB-UB, including Microbiology Laboratory, Laboratory of Ecology and Animal Diversity, Laboratory of Taxonomy and Plant Development Structure, Laboratory of Physiology, Tissue Culture and Microtechnics, Physiology Laboratory and Structure of Animal Development, and Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory. They were very enthusiastic to take the laboratory tour until it was over.