FMIPA was visited by MAN 2 Bogor students, they were interested in scholarships at FMIPA

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A total of 100 students from MAN 2 Bogor on Tuesday (12/11) made a study visit to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Brawijaya Malang. Accompanied by several of their teachers, they were welcomed by the Head of Administration and Head of Subdivision of FMIPA Student Affairs Tri Wahyu Basuki, SE in the UB MIPA CENTER Hall. According to the teachers, their visit was to know the prospects of FMIPA student graduates as well as wanting to see the campus environment. Hopefully, UB can be used as a reference for students of MAN 2 Bogor as a study destination campus after they graduate. This visit also wanted to see in more detail how the pathways into UB that could be taken by students as well as scholarships that could be achieved. One of the student asking more about some of the majors in FMIPA UB, selection techniques and also opportunities to be accepted through several selection channels. Head of Administration Dewi Susanti, S.E., MSA said the minimum level of UKT / zero-semester fee per rupiah was given to outstanding students. This adds make more interest to the students (Yogie).