Vice Dean I Holds Academic Information System Session for parents of class of 2019 students, they are happy to be able to see children’s activities via mobile phones

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Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held a socialization of Student Academic Information System (SIAM) to the parents / guardians of FMIPA students in the class of 2019, this was marked by the acceptance of the socialization invitation sent by the faculty to students’ parents / guardians by post several weeks ago. The arrival of parents / guardians of students to attend the socialization was divided into two sessions. The Department of Biology and Physics got its first turn on Saturday (9/11) at 8 am, followed by the Department of Mathematics, Chemistry and Statistics at 10 noon.

The purpose of the SIAM socialization to parents is one of which is to build good communication between the faculty and parents of students to minimize misunderstandings related to student academic matters. Various questions raised by students’ parents among them were about practical work assignments which took up a lot of time for their children. Head of the Physics Department Prof. Dr.ret.nat. Muhammad Nurhuda said that the task should still be lacking. The task was intentionally given so as to be a provision for the toughness of students while studying in the Department of Physics. He also said that this was done to increase student competence in the national and international arena, said the Professor who owns dozens of patents in the renewable energy sector. With this Academic Information System socialization, students’ parents are happy to see the value of their children and can monitor their activities through their cellphones or computers from home. “With this event, I can direct my son more if there is something lacking in lectures so there is no news suddenly on DO”, Said Zainuddin, one of the parents of students from the Department of Statistics (Yogie).