Follow the chancellor’s circular, Dean postpone the Midterm Exams

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Along with the Chancellor Circular No. 2844 / UN10 / TU / 2020 concerning the prevention of the spread of the Corona Viruses Desease (COVID-19) virus in Universitas Brawijaya dated March 13, 2020, then Sunday (15/3) Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Prof. Drs. Adi Susilo, M.Sc., Ph.D announced the postponement of the implementation of the Even Semester 2019-2020 Final Examination until the deadline to be determined further.

Deputy Dean I, Dr. Serafinah Indriyani, M.Sc. said, the steps to be taken by the Dean related to academic activities related to Corona virus prevention in the FMIPA environment will be discussed at a leadership meeting today.

“We will discuss all steps after meeting with the leadership today,” said Serafinah.

In his explanation, Serafinah instructed the Chair of IT team to create a screening method in order to prevent the spread of Corona virus in the FMIPA environment. The PSIK team followed up on the IT Chair and made a form to find out the student history. The day before the Midtest Exams took place, the IT team launched an application that must be filled in by the examinees online. As a result, to this day 1175 participants have responded and filled out the form. This form informs the activities and body conditions of the examinees. If there are indications of Corona virus disease, participants will be immediately evacuated. Initially this method was carried out prior to the announcement of the Dean of FMIPA about the delay of the Midtest Exams deployment. However, after the Dean’s announcement was circulated, there was no clear follow-up on this effort.

Meanwhile, student activities in the FMIPA environment seemed quiet. The classrooms that were supposed to be held in the Midterm Exams looked empty. Employee activity seems to be running as it should. But today it seems that the janitors are extra active in cleaning other rooms than usual. One of the efforts carried out by FMIPA in preventing the spread of Corona Virus is the provision of Hand Sanitizer in each room. This Hand Sanitizer is produced by PMW FMIPA students.

So far, FMIPA’s efforts in preventing the spread of Corona Virus have been relatively fast. Along with the Chancellor’s Instruction, FMIPA continues to monitor information development and remain vigilant in the face of the spread of Corona Virus (yogie).