Opening of the first selection of ONMIPA 2020, UB’s Vice Rector III: “Our target is to get a gold medal”

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Saturday (29/2), Vice Rector III UB, Prof. Dr. Drs. Abdul Hakim, M.Sc. open selection ONMIPA 2020 College level in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences MIPA CENTER building. In the presence of the Faculty leaders in the field of student affairs, UB’s Vice Rector III said that the achievements of our students must be improved. In order to prepare the team that will depart to represent UB to the National Olympics, this time the selection was attended by 232 students consisting of 15 FPT participants, 1 FT participant, 9 FK participants, 5 FPIK participants, 153 FMIPA participants, 19 FTP participants, 22 participants FKH, 1 FILKOM participant, and 3 UB Kediri participants. In accordance with the report of the Dean of FMIPA, Prof. Drs. Adi Susilo, M.Sc., Ph.D in his remarks.

“This year, we must get a gold medal,” Abdul Hakim said. He said that the achievements of UB from 2105 to 2019 needed to be improved. Based on records in 2018 only 1 silver medal, and in 2019 received 3 bronze medals. “We have to get up like PIMNAS, and learn a lot from ITB who bought 7 gold medals,” he explained. According to him, at least we can repeat the achievements in 2014 where UB won 1 gold medal, 1 silver and 1 bronze.

University level selection is held to determine a maximum of 7 best students in each field of study so that they can advance to Phase II selection (East Java Region Level). University level selection participants were given questions that were done in four sessions with a duration of 1 hour per session. (yogie)