Rakerpim 2020, FMIPA will have new Actuarial program

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Beginning in 2020 used by the leadership of the UB Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences to hold a Working Meeting of Leaders (Rakerpim). Located at Amarta Hills Resort Kota Batu, Rakerpim was packaged in the presentation of the leadership report and light discussion. On that occasion, the Dean of FMIPA Prof. Drs. Adi Susilo, M.Sc., Ph.D explained about the University’s perfomance contract with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Among them are achievements in promotion, satisfaction index and about inbound students. Adi Susilo explained that the achievements of lecturers with the position of head lecturer rose to Professor at 89%, while others had reached 100% and above. On the other hand the percentage of inbound students is only 25%, according to the Dean of FMIPA this is because there are problems with national cooperation.

The next session was Vice Dean II Prof. Sukir Maryanto, S.Sc., M.Sc, P.hd reported rank and HR management in 2020. Some of the things presented were about promotion issues, SOP timeline, journal upload, HR, Complaints management as well as managing internet network access and about finance.

In his presentation, Deputy Dean I, Dr. Serafinah Indriyani, M.Si said that the capacity of FMIPA in 2014 amounted to 643 to now reach 1075 students. Moreover, plus the Actuarial Science study program with a quota of 90 students it became 1165 students. He also said that the average Bachelor’s study up to 2019 was a GPA of 3.31 with a study period of 4.31 years. Serafinah also reported that the average length of study in the Masters program was 2.55 years / 5 semesters. The average Doctoral Program is a GPA of 3.88 with a study period of 4.9 years.

While in the field of student affairs, Deputy Dean III, Darjito, S.Sc., M.Sc., said that the achievements of PKM in 2019 suffered a setback. Something similar happened in the ONMIPA activity which was only held last week’s selection, 4 years of experiencing famine. Darjito said that the number of medals that UB could achieve was very minimal. Data shows that in 2019 UB won 3 bronze medals in ONMIPA activities.

“Unfortunaly that is not a participant from FMIPA”, he added.

Darjito hopes that in 2020, many participants from FMIPA will pass the East Java region selection.

In the department presentation session, the Chair of the Statistics Department Dr. Rahma Fitriani, S.Sc., M.Sc got the first turn. He focused on the target in 2020 is to improve the ratio of lecturers to balance with the number of students. Then he also plans to accelerate the Doctoral program for Statistics Department lecturers. Journal writing training is included in its work program, bearing in mind that research and scientific publications are very important for the rank.

Meanwhile according to Prof. Muhaimin Rifa`i, S.Sc., Ph.D.Med.Sc (Chair of the Department of Biology), improving competitiveness of institutional competitiveness data with the International is the focus of its performance in 2020. He said the course provided in the Biology Department Bachelor Program was at the level of the Doctoral program. Even an international speaker who came for a comparative study to FMIPA said the same thing. “The Biology Department can improve the lecturer grade,” Muhaimin said.The next program is to increase the involvement of foreign experts in research and student guidance. Then increasing the involvement of postgraduate students in working groups and research is expected to support the success of the work program. Muhaimin hopes that the modernization of equipment will receive support from FMIPA because so far it has not been achieved.

The next session of the Physics Department, one of the Professor of FMIPA Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nurhuda, Rer.Nat regrets that there are still many educational staff in the Physics Department who have not yet studied further. He also conveyed the lack of human resources due to retirement and death lately. On this occasion, Nurhuda gave his appreciation to the Head of the S3 Program, Dr.Eng. Didik Rahadi Santoso, M.Si for his achievements in charge of the Doctoral program. The patent holder focused on performance in 2020 to succeed the ASIIN 2020 international accreditation, bearing in mind that this would increase the competence of the Study Program on the international scene.

Meanwhile, Syaiful Anam, S.Sc., MT., Ph.D, representing the Chair of the Department of Mathematics, his target are opening new program, Actuarial. He hopes full support from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences to facilitate it.

In his presentation, the Chair of the Department of Chemistry, Masruri, S.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., had a target of increasing the number of patents and also increasing the number of foreign students. Meanwhile he also hopes that there will be improvements in the scholarship scheme for educators so that they can increase their fluency in promotion. Masruri also reported that the target number of professors had not yet been reached. “The achievement of the Professor is still 8.5%, whereas the target is 11%, said Masruri.

In the discussion session, several questions came from several lecturers. One of them was from a Physics Lecturer, Drs. Unggul Pundjung Juswono, M.Sc about figures in performance targets that are not in accordance with reality. He also asked for clarification so that it was easily understood.

At the end of the event, the Dean and the Chair of the Department signed the 2020 performance contract as well as a group photo (yogie)