UTBK 2020 preparations in the middle of COVID19 pandemic

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Joint Entrance Test for State Universities (SBMPTN) through written examinations has shown various advantages and benefits, both for the national interest, PTN, and participants. For participants, the benefits of joint selection are more efficient, inexpensive, and flexible with the existence of cross-regional mechanisms. This SBMPTN from year to year is always improved and developed in accordance with the times and technological advancements. In 2016 SBMPTN was also introduced using the Computer Based Writing Examination (UTBK).

The Computer Based Writing Examination (UTBK) is an entrance test to tertiary institutions which is carried out by the Institute of Higher Education Entrance Tests (LTMPT) as the only standardized institute of test institutions in Indonesia. The advantage of the UTBK implementation by LTMPT is that the test results are given individually. UTBK 2020 can be attended by students graduating in 2018, 2019, and 2020 from secondary education (SMA / MA / SMK) and equivalent, as well as graduates of Package C in 2018, 2019 and 2020. UTBK is the main requirement for participating in Higher Education Entrance Joint Selection. (SBMPTN).

Since 2019, the Joint Entrance Test for State Universities (SBMPTN) is a selection of new student admissions using only UTBK results or UTBK results and other criteria determined jointly by PTN. Therefore, information about UTBK is an inseparable part of the SBMPTN. Most students who fail in SNMPTN 2020 many re-register themselves to participate in the SBMPTN (Joint Higher Education Entrance Test) 2020. The SBMPTN itself is a joint selection in the admission of new students in state tertiary institutions using a national written examination pattern which during this has shown various advantages and advantages, both for prospective students, state universities, and national interests. Later the 2020 State Higher Education Entrance Joint Selection (SBMPTN) written examination will consist of the Print Based Writing Exam (UTBC) and the Computer Based Writing Exam (UTBK). After the implementation was postponed due to the COVID19 pandemic, LTMPT finally announced the change of the UTMP SBMPTN 2020. UTBK registration began from 2-20 June 2020, and was carried out on 5-12 July 2020. While the results will be announced on 25 July 2020. The difference in this year’s UTBK is that participants are only allowed to take one UTBK test. Not like last year which can follow 2 times. The material tested was also different from last year, this year only TPS (Scholastic Potential Test) which consisted of General Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Ability, General Knowledge and Understanding, and Ability to Understand Reading and Writing. The material tested is the same for Natural Science / Social Sciences, there is no Saintek and Soshum Academic Potential Test (TPA). The UTBK implementation consists of 4 Sessions for participants to choose from considering the COVID19 Pandemic period to prevent crowds. The Computer-Based Writing Test (UTBK) 2020 will be held in 74 UTBK central locations, according to the Institute for Higher Education Entrance Test (LTMPT). The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Brawijaya participated in the implementation of the UTBK 2020 by preparing 2 examination rooms, namely the Computer Laboratory at Graha Sainta Building.

“We have prepared 2 Labs, each consisting of 10 PC units,” said TU Chair, Jarot Sunarto, S. Sos.

According to Jarot, the implementation of UBTK during the pandemic will continue to follow health protocols such as government instructions. Each session there were 20 participants divided into 2 exam rooms. The exam will start at 07.30 – 17.45 WIB. Meanwhile, a total of 13 technicians and 1 disinfector have been prepared to arrange technical matters relating to the internet connection network, electricity, PC and server administration. As is known, in the implementation of UTBK, the technician functions as an intermediary to explain to supervisors about the use of the application, while the server admin has the role of maintaining the stability of the server connection. While the disinfector is in charge of carrying out room sterilization. As for the implementation of the UTBK later, as many as 30 supervisors / PJR consisting of FMIPA education staff will be briefed in the future. The Chairman of PSIK, Dr. Eng.Agus Naba, S.Sc., MT hopes that the implementation of UTBK in FMIPA will be smooth and there will be no cases of COVID19 distribution (yogie).