FMIPA is Ready To Move Towards International Accreditation ASIIN

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The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Brawijaya (FMIPA UB) continues to strive to develop the field of research and community empowerment and plans to improve its quality by following the accreditation process for higher education institutions with international standards. For this reason, FMIPA UB encourages all Study Programs in FMIPA UB to be able to go further in obtaining International Accreditation. ASIIN (Accreditation Agency For Degree Programs In Engineering, Informatics/Computer Science, The Natural Sciences And Mathematics) is an association that focuses on the quality of university education with international standards. Why does UB’s MIPA Faculty want ASIIN accreditation? Because this association has been recognized by the international education community and has provided an International Accreditation certificate in the fields of natural science and mathematics.

Meanwhile, Head of ASIIN International Accreditation Preparation Team, Drs. Mohamad Muslikh, M.Sc., Ph.D explained that currently he is coordinating all human resources in FMIPA UB which includes lecturers, education staff, students, alumni and partners. To prepare for the Accreditation Visitation which will take place at the end of October, M. Muslikh plans to held first meeting to socialize the preparation agenda and job descriptions of each team member on Friday (8/10) tomorrow.To make this Accreditation a success, M. Muslikh has set up a technical team at the Faculty level consisting of faculty leaders, department heads, deputy dean expert staff and IT Staff. The technical team for each department includes the Department of Biology (1. Dr. Dra. Sri Widyarti, M.Si., 2. Mufidah Afiyanti, S.P., Ph.D.), the Department of Phisich(1. Dr. Eng. Agus Naba, MT., 2. Gancang Saroja, M.Si.), the Department of Chemistry(1. Drs. Danar Purwonugroho, M.Si, 2. Dr. Elvina Dhiaul Iftitah, S.Si., M.Si.), the Department of Mathematics(1. Prof. Dr. Agus Suryanto, M.Sc., 2. Corina Karim, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D.), the Department of Statistics(1. Luthfatul Amaliana, SSi, MSi., 2. Dr. Dra. Ani Budi Astuti, MSi.).

He has also arranged a mentoring agenda for the visitation participants later and prepared a briefing in the form of an ASIIN simulation. According to him, this will be very helpful in answering questions in future visits. The agenda which will take place virtually for three days (25-27 October 2021) is basically an examination of the suitability of the submission documents with the facts on the ground. One of the activities is interviews with various parties, ranging from student representatives, alumni, lecturers from each department, to various stakeholders. The alumni and student interviews are related to whether the abilities they get at FMIPA UB are in accordance with the profiles of the targeted graduates.

“My hope is that FMIPA UB can achieve ASIIN’s international accreditation so that the quality of education can be on par with other universities, especially those in Europe”, said Muslikh.