Number of Community Service within the last 3 years :

Grafik Pengabdian

Community Service Fund within the last 3 years :

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Community service as one aspect of the tri dharma college consistently implemented by the faculty in accordance with the competence and knowledge of each field. Community service activities are also seen as an integral part of the overall academic activities. Forms of community service activities undertaken include counseling, action research, consulting and troubleshooting. With the expertise of some of the lecturers have also begun to emerge as a source of reference for regional and national issues that occur.

Along with the existing development, continue to encourage and facilitate faculty lecturers to obtain government funding in the implementation of community service. On the other hand the policy also encourages community service co-operation can be achieved through other agencies such as local government,  innate energy community agencies or other institutions.

Policy development is also carried out within the framework of the utilization of funds DPP / SPP for community service activities. Each program of study / majors are encouraged and required to shape the development roadmap of community service in accordance with the scientific field. Funding was provided in each department / program of study to carry out community service activities so that activities can be planned and sustainable. Proposals drawn up each annual period that can be adapted to the development, challenges and achievements. Performance evaluation is done through the implementation of the activities and achievements of the component moniroting end. Service learning activities that involve students is one of the program’s policies fakultas.Dalam thematic learning activities and general. Service learning activities in the partner regions sustainably built in a period of time that can benefit significantly. In community service activities, students are also directly involved by the lecturer