Praise be to Alloh Almighty for this opportunity, so the guide book Community Services for the faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences to fund the DPP / SPP Fiscal Year 2013 can be resolved. In general, this book is a guide book the previous fiscal year which has been adapted to the need for a revision of the Fiscal Year 2013 with some additions in accordance with the development needs. The basic point of this issue is 1). That all Department  and Study Program in the faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science Brawijaya University has been using funds DPP / SPP as a tool to carry out Research and Community Services are composed from 2009 2). Provide opportunities for lecturers to conduct research/community service are Self (research / community service independent), 3). Liability for Researchers and Servant to conduct a seminar / presentation: proposals, progress reports, and final report. To keep the research proposal and Community Services roadmap remains on track so in this guide we attach a roadmap of research and community service from each department in the Faculty of Mathematics and natural sciences Brawijaya University.

As one of the mandatory components of Tri Dharma, community services must be performed by all lecturers at least once a year. Therefore, since Fiscal Year 2011, is expected to fund the DPP / SPP can hold the needs of all lecturers to engage in community service even though it is possible to perform community service as independent or using other sources of competitive budget.

Intensive monitoring and evaluation of each department and reviewers is necessary for quality research and community service can be accounted for. Thus, the space given to the department to carry out the selection process and determine proposals received must also be accompanied by strict MONEV, so the roadmap can be implemented on an ongoing basis from year to year.

Malang, January 15,  2013

Chairman of P3M FMIPA UB,

Prof. Dr. Ir. Henny Pramoedyo, MS.

NIP. 195707051981031009