Become an exemplary institution in organizing science and mathematics education with international standards and supporting applied sciences to improve human welfare


  1. Graduate qualified Scientists.
  2. Act actively in filling and developing science and technology.
  3. Increase people’s appreciation for Science.
  4. Support the development of applied sciences in the University of Brawijaya environment.


  1. Organizing professional teaching and learning processes.
  2. Carry out quality research.
  3. Disseminate research results to the community.
  4. Take a role in the process of developing basic sciences based on national and international levels.

Information, Motto, and Service Promise

Brawijaya University Service Motto

Providing the Best Services to Achieve Service User Satisfaction

Universitas Brawijaya’s Motto

“Join UB Be The Best”

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science’s Motto

Serves you with “Smile, Active, Innovative, Comfortable, and Polite”

Universitas Brawijaya’s Service Promises

Determined to implement an integrated work system to provide the best service to realize the satisfaction of UB service users in the framework of Excellent Service

Service Ethics

  1. Start a smile, greetings, greetings
  2. Must use ID (identity card)
  3. Be polite to UB service users
  4. Not arbitrarily against UB service users
  5. It is not justified in providing services while smoking or communicating with cellphones or other communication devices