Visions, Missions and Purposes

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Vision, Mission, and Goals

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has the principle of adhering to the philosophy, values, vision, mission, and goals.

Philosophy and Values

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences as part of UB is based on Pancasila as the nation’s philosophy and state ideology. The academic cultural values of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Brawijaya are:

  1. Have faith in God Almighty.
  2. Integrating spirituality and intellect in every development of science, technology, arts, and humanities.
  3. Develop integrity, excellence, creativity, and innovation;
  4. Develop pioneering, independence, and excellence;
  5. Develop social responsibility and have a national/international perspective with Brawijaya character.
  6. Understanding and respecting cultural diversity and universal truths.
  7. Appreciate the existence of the creation of God Almighty.
  8. Respect human values


By 2030, we will become an exemplary institution in providing international standard mathematics and science education and development as well as professional education that supports culture-based industries for human welfare.


  1. Organizing international standard mathematics and science education;
  2. Conducting research and development of mathematics and science that are beneficial to society;
  3. Participate in taking on the role of solving community problems and increasing public appreciation of mathematics and science.


  1. Produce graduates who are academically capable, professional, and able to compete at national and international levels;
  2. Produce new concepts and innovations that excel at national and international levels;
  3. Increase public appreciation of mathematics and science through comprehensive studies with an institutional perspective in solving community problems.

Information, Motto and Promise of Service

As an institution that carries out good governance

Universitas Brawijaya (UB)'s Service Announcement

Provide the best experience in every service.

UB's Motto

“Join UB, Be The Best”

UB's Service Promise

UB are determined to implement an integrated work system to provide the best service in order to realize the satisfaction of UB service users in the context of Excellent Service

Service Ethics

All employees must:

  1. Starting a smile, greeting, greeting
  2. Must wear identification (ID card)
  3. Be polite to UB service users
  4. Not arbitrary to UB service users
  5. It is not allowed to provide services while smoking or communicating with cellphones or other communication tools