Primery Documents

  1. The Vission, Missions Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science Brawijaya University
  2. Quality Standart of Brawijaya University & Faculty of  Mathematics and Natural Science
  3. Authorized Flowcharts
  4. Quality Manual Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science
  5. Cross Reference
  6. Organization Structure
  7. Duties and Function :
    1. The Official Dekanat(Dean and Vice Dean)
    2. Administration Section
    3. Sub Section of Academic
    4. Sub Section of Finance and Employee Affair
    5. Sub section of administration and Supply
    6. Sub section of student affair
    7. Head of department, secretary, head of study program and head of laboratory

ISO Documents

  1. Assessment-Stage-1-QMS-UB
  2. Assessment-Stage-2-QMS-UB
  3. Surveillance III ISO 9001 UB
  4. Clause ISO 9001:2008

Documents of working instructions

  1. Re-registration for Freshmen
  2. Re-registration for Students
  3. Report Result Study
  4. Online Study Program
  5. Academic Achievement Improvement
  6. Academic Achievement Request
  7. Final examination supplementary
  8. Final examination
  9. ASKES card proffering
  10. Non lecturer leave application
  11. Wife/husband card proffering
  12. Making the form of periodic salary increases
  13. Promotion and Functional Position for Lecturer
  14. The making of KP4
  15. The proffering of PNS table money

Standard document of excellent service :

  1. Terminal proffering/ academic leave
  2. Lecturing service
  3. Proposal Exam, Proposal Seminar and Thesis Exam
  4. Student  Scholarship
  5. Leave Filing for Civil Servants
  6. Filing Decree of Learning Task for Civil Servants
  7. Filing Decree  of Extension Learning Task for Civil Servants
  8. Filing Decree  for Reactivation of Learning Task  for Civil Servants
  9. Payment of Food Allowance for Civil Servants
  10. Making KP4 / C Model for Civil Servants
  11. Filing Application and Student Activity Fund Disbursement
  12. Graduation Registration
  13. Loan and Official Car Maintenance
  14. The Making of Official Letter
  15. Registration of Field Work Experience
  16. Filing of Domestic Postgraduate Scholarship
  17. Loaning the hall and room of Graha Sainta
  18. An agency or institution visit
  19. Duplication of documents or letters
  20. Requesting the letter of not receiving a scholarship
  21. Taking gown (toga/graduation uniform) for prospective graduates

Documents of  Procedure Manual :

  • Quality Assurance Cluster
  1. Document and Record Controls
  2. Control for Products Which Do not Fit to GJM FMIPA
  3. Web Profile of GJM FMIPA UB
  4. Procedures of GJM Internal Audit
  5. Procedures of Complaint Handling
  6. Procedures of Correlative and Prevention Actions
  7. Correlative and Prevention Actions of  GJM FMIPA
  8. Documents of Quality Assurance Center  Universitas Brawijaya
  • Academic Affairs
  1. Request of Academic Achiement
  2. Improvement of Academic Achievement
  3. Terminal Submission
  4. Submission of Student Resignation
  5. Publishing Certificate of Graduation
  6. The Making of Graduate Transcripts
  7. Graduation Registration
  8. Legalized Diploma and Transcripts
  9. Translation of Diploma and Transcripts
  10. Registration of Community Service Program
  11. Interview of  Community Service Program
  12. Procedure Manual of  Admissions and New Student Selection for Doctoral Study Program
  • Student Affairs
  1. Student Learning Assistance Scholarship (BBM) and Academic Achievement Program
  2. Foundation Scholarship
  3. Certificate of Not Receiving Scholarships from Any Institutions
  4. Krida Student Activity
  5. Student Election for choice Student Executive  Presiden
  6. Submission of Activity Funds
  7. Application Letters of Dispensation
  8. Student Creativity Program
  9. Creativity Program for Freshmen
  10. Student Creativity Program of Writeen Ideas
  11. Entrepreneurial Student Program
  12. Selection of Student with Achievement
  13. MTQ selection
  14. Taking Toga (graduation uniform)
  • Staffing
  1. Submisson to take a break
  2. Assessment of DP3
  3. To administer ASKES card
  4. Promotion for Lecturers
  5. Promotion for Educational Staffs of Civil Servant
  6. Periodic Salary Increase
  7. Submission of SK (Decree) for Learning Task
  8. Submission of SK of Learning Task Extension
  9. Submission of SK of Re-activation from Learning Task
  10. Recapitulation of Officers’ Attendance
  • General and Equipment
  1. Procurement of Goods and Services
  2. Office Car Loaning
  3. Room and Equipment Loaning
  4. Facilities and Infrastructure Maintenance