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IMG_0031For approximately 3 days, starting from 21 October until 2 November 2017, Assessor from BAN PT (National Accreditation Board of Higher Education) will hold a visitation in Biology S3 Program Biology Department Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Brawijaya.

On the first day, the BAN PT Assessor Team, represented by Ms. Diah Rachmawati, M.Si (UGM) and Mrs. Professor. Dr. Tati Suryati Syamsudin, DEA (ITB), received by the leaders of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science in the meeting room. The Dean of FMIPA was accompanied by the Vice Dean I, Vice Dean III, KTU and Kasubbag presented Borang 3b and question and answer session, for approximately 60 minutes.

IMG_0064The next event is visitation to Prodi S3 Biology Department of Biology to meet with lecturer, task force, student and alumni. It is not known how long the assessor team needs, because it depends on the real conditions in the field. Hopefully the visitation is done in accordance with the expectations of all parties, both Ban-PT, Faculty and majors and Prodi so that it can bridge all the interests that exist.